2017 To Be A “Special Year” For Xbox Lovers?

img1Even if there is no supporting statistics available, it is quite clear that the year 2016 has been a very big year for Xbox. This year Microsoft launched and released a completely new version of Xbox One console called the Xbox One S. On Black Friday, which is considered one of the biggest shopping days of the year, Xbox One was found beating PS4. This reaffirms the fact that 2016 has been one of the greatest years for Xbox. Microsoft has further revealed that 2017 would be a “Special Year” for the Xbox lovers. Microsoft has come up with great many figures promising exuberant results or the Xbox lovers. If you happen to be interested in using Xbox then it is necessary that you know the Xbox support number which 08702806358.

You can call the Xbox support number if you want to speak to a customer service representative from the company. You can call this number for Xbox complaints and even for Xbox support doubts and queries. This number is available 24/7 for all sorts of queries. Coming to the subject of 2017 to be a fabulous year for the Xbox lovers, in one of the posts on Xbox, Microsoft has come up with the statistics that around 400 Xbox One games have been released in the year 2016. This includes some of the most critically-acclaimed classics like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4. Microsoft has also mentioned that add-on expansions or content for different games including Minecraft, ReCore and Dead Rising 4 will easily be made available in the year 2017.


If news is to be believed, Microsoft has highlighted the launch of Xbox Play Anywhere Program in the year 2017. This program will allow the players to enjoy playing some games on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs without having to pay anything extra. Here, the Xbox One compatibility feature has also been mentioned. Other interesting statistics include 2.5 billion game play hours logged in November 2016 ion Windows 10 devices.

In one of its New Year posts, Mike Nichols, the corporate vice president of marketing for Xbox laid out the plans of the company for 2017. The plans include introducing several exciting enhancements to the Xbox Live. Mike Nichols said, “The year 2017 will be seeing the release of Xbox Scorpio, which will be an upgraded version from Microsoft and various other new games for the Xbox One. These games will include Windows 10 exclusive Halo Wars 2 and Xbox One.”

There are plans of releasing several new add-ons for Microsoft games. The vice president further added, “We are very excited to show our game players more of the different highlights that we have in store for them for the year 2017. On behalf of the Team Xbox, thank you for making the company what it is today. We promise that 2017 will be an exceptional year for all our clients.”

There are claims from Microsoft that Xbox support mechanism would also touch new heights in serving its customers. There is good information available on Xbox support number at https://www.bizcontactnumber.co.uk/xbox-support-number/.


Staffing Company Uses Radio To Lure The Best Recruits


With dozens of ways to market for open job opportunities in nursing and the tech industries, it seems that more and more job placement agencies are relying on the power of radio ads today. But why? How do radio ads allow agencies to reach the right people? Think of it this way. Nursing professionals are always on the go. They are in their car often, and with radio ads, they are more easily going to hear messages about open jobs. The same is true for tech professionals. If they are in the car often, driving to remote sites or visiting clients, a radio ad is an excellent way to reach these professionals and allows job placement agencies to find more viable candidates, who are skilled to do the work that companies are hiring for.

With radio ads, a placement agency is going to find that it is far more affordable to reach potential applicants. Since radio ad spots are cheaper than TV ads or hiring a professional SEO company to market positions, placement agencies can arrive at a high number of people who are looking to find new jobs, and can do so at a lower price than other forms of marketing. Radio ads are also longer than most types of ads you would pay for on TV or other online marketing channels. So, as a placement agency, if you wish to reach more companies if you want to find more candidates looking for work, and if you wish to find these candidates at a low price, there is no better way to do so than using radio ads to reach out to the potential candidates.

Job placement agencies trying to help employers find tech professionals, find nursing professionals, nurses, or other experts in these fields, the use of radio ads is a great way to ensure you not only find more potential candidates who are qualified for the work, but also allows the job placement agency to reach these individuals for a small price. With radio spots, you can easily inform people of the open positions, you can let them know there are high-paying jobs, and help them to find great opportunities, all in a short radio message ad. Job recruits will not only find it easier to develop radio ads over TV or internet ads but will also reach a larger audience base, for far lower costs than other marketing methods.

Blueprint For Construction Radio Ads

Crafting successful radio ads is a topic we’ve touched upon. We’ve shared with you that an effective radio ad is a perfect marriage between art and science. Radio is a platform where you often have the listeners ear before and after work as the driver commutes. That potential customer may have in the back of their mind a ton of home projects they’ve been putting off. Now image you are a construction company selling construction fasteners & tools. You can create an ad that awakens the listener’s subconscious, and they now can connect your product to their need.

Check out the following ad we put together for a Canadian online construction tool supply company cf-t.com:

You don’t have to pour asphalt, install drywall or pour concrete to have a need for construction tools. You’ve been putting off that home project for months because you don’t have that one tool! Stopping by that big box store may not be your solution, but cf-t.com is the answer.

Imagine having access to a catalog of top manufactured tools like DeWalt and Craftsman at a fraction of the cost of retailer stores. You see, online stores don’t have the overhead that these big-box retailers have. Why should you care? You should care because the savings get passed down to you the consumer.

If you’re looking for that unique size or brand of tool, you could easily spend hours driving all over town. Online ordering allows access to a vast catalog. If cf-t.com doesn’t have the tool in stock, they will source it for you and alert you via email when the device is ready for you to purchase online!

Foot lifters, drywall hammers, taping knives and beyond. Cf-T backs every purchase with customer service policies. Check online to check on orders, track purchases and if necessary find out how to get refunds or make returns. Don’t continue to let that project nag you.

The blueprint is simple! Engage the listener, remind them of their pain point and direct them to a solution.

Last suggestion. We recommend a warm, friendly voice-over that’s appealing and easy on the ear. Check out this example:

Clever Accessory Commercials

No matter how much you can spend on your iPhones and smartphones, everyone needs a protector. Having to buy a whole new gadget just because you dropped it and you didn’t have the best screen protector, which is the tempered glass protector, is just unfair(though life is still unfair.)

Here are some silly radio commercials specifically for these special glass protectors.

Child: Scratching the phone with a razor tip.
Mother: (Gets in furiously). Hey young man and what do you think you are doing?kid scratching cell phone
Child: Nothing much mom, just removing some dirt.
Mother: (grabs the phone angrily) This child will kill me one day. You are as ridiculous as your father sometimes.
Father: (overhears as he is reading the newspaper outside) Well at least am not as ridiculous as someone here who does not know what a tempered glass screen protector is. It’s only the best screen protector out there! You see honey, it is transparent and scratch resistant, it is like the savior, so stop worrying yourself.
Commercial ends in background laughter.

End scene.

On the bar dance floor, music is booming from all sides as people show their best dance moves. It is Peter’s turn to get in the middle of the circle, but he won’t remove his hand from his pocket.
Jack: Come on man shake that thing! Is your hand broken or what!
Sheila: Yes Peter what are you doing, is your hand asleep?
People are getting pissed off as Peter ignores their jibes while still dancing with one hand holding his pocket.
Jack: (moves to peter and looks into his pocket.) Hey guys guess what Peter is afraid of smashing his phone,
Laughter breaks out.
Peter: Hey man whats everyone laughing at, I can’t afford to buy another one.
Jack: No Peter, haven’t you heard of the new tempered glass protector. Come on man why embarrass yourself, it’s the best screen protector so you’re fully protected! Furthermore fingerprints and dust are easily removable and it repels oils and other liquids.

End scene.

Lecturer in a class, teaching: You see students the innate and adaptive immunity of the body is important. But most important is the mechanical aspect of it. The body has lecturer teachingphysical barriers that will protect it from injury and microbial infections. This is the first line of defense in the body like the army in a war.
Student: But the army only goes to war when there is a threat not to protect anyone?
Lecture: . . . .Uh ! Okay John, I meant like the skin protecting the body, covering the internal organs, like a mother protecting her son.
Student: But sir we were told that it is God who protects, not mother!
Lecturer: John,that is enough already.
Second student: (Stands up.) No sir it is like the tempered glass screen protector, it has high levels of rigidity but is also smooth. It can withstand high pressures and hydrophobic like some of us who don’t bath daily. Anyway it’s the best screen protector there is and it’s the first line of defense. Like a mom…and God.
Everyone just sits in stunned emotion. But also fully agrees.

End scene.

Radio Show For Special Supplements

Promoting products on the radio can have a great impact on the way you do business and find new costumers. Advertising Forskolin Supplements on the Radio is an effective method for targeted people who suffer from extra weight. When promoting Forskolin on the radio, it’s important to focus on the upsides and downsides of using Forskolin supplements to improve health.

forskolin supplementsLike any other pills, Forskolin is not indicated for everyone and so the subject should be discussed carefully. One of the most important things before advertising forskolin supplements on the radio is doing research about the subject in matter. Finding a qualified and professional radio station ( if you don’t have one already ) is also crucial to determine the success of the product promotion.

If you want to exceed your listeners expectations, try to be funny and talkative during the radio session. A friendly host has bigger chances of attracting the right people for the business he’s/she’s advertising. It’s also important to remember to talk about Forskolin side effects, to give the listener an idea of what he’s purchasing.

Being honest is always the best idea, because in the end, you want your new potential costumers to see you as a trustworthy person they can rely on. Medication interactions should also be mentioned and be accurate, as well as dosing and price. A good advice would be to try to keep a nice and friendly conversation with your listener and trying not to promote Forskolin like crazy. This can lead to boredom and can be the reason why you lose a client.


Apart from that, just try to run the session smoothly – act like you’re talking to a friend so you don’t get nervous, especially if it is your first time hosting on the radio. If you’re being interviewed, take enough time to answer the questions and don’t talk too fast because that can influence advertising forskolin supplements on the radio negatively. At the end of the day, your main goal should be bringing the benefits and / or alert the listeners for the dangers of taking Forskolin, depending on your professional or personal motives.

Remember: being enthusiastic about the topic you choose is the most important thing and the listener will notice if you sound too forced. So coming up as natural as you can be is a great tip for beginners who want to run a successful Forskolin advertisement radio show.