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Getting a tattoo can be as enjoyable as listening to your favorite music if you wish to express yourself even more. But there comes a time when you have a tattoo that you just want to get rid of either a.) it has become so old that it’s completely faded, b.) you want to remove it for professional reasons, or c.) you want to get a new one? Well, if you’re in the city of Edmonton, you’ll won’t have to worry anymore.

If you are looking for an Edmonton tattoo removal service, there’s one shop you hear all over the radio and even on social media that is very popular among individuals seeking this kind of service – Laser Tattoo Removal Edmonton.

Quality Service from Professionals

Edmonton tattoo removal service

With over 5 years in the industry, Laser Tattoo Removal Edmonton provides the fastest and the most effective tattoo removal service available in the market using the latest equipment in laser technology. With the hands of well-trained professionals in the field of dermatology, every client is guaranteed to have the highest quality care that can fill all your tattoo removal and tattoo lightening needs.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Their goal is to always exceed customer’s expectation that is why more and more clients are wanting to avail this Edmonton tattoo removal procedure because of its stellar service and very competitive rates. From tattoo lightening to complete removal, every treatment is done with total care and satisfaction. During your first consultation, you will surely notice the most welcoming staff who will evaluate your skin condition or any medications that may possibly affect the removal process and assess the kind of approach needed.

Edmonton tattoo removal service

Excellent Results

When the ink from a tattoo absorbs the light from the laser, it is then broken down into small fragments. These fragments are removed through the body’s natural cleansing mechanism leaving behind the normal skin. It usually takes about 6 treatments before you will see acceptable results.

Check out the actual photos below:

Treatment and Healing Process

While there is always a probability of injury, one must take extra precautions before undergoing a tattoo removal. One of the most common is to make sure that there are no skin conditions that can potentially leave scarring. Normally, it will take approximately 4-6 weeks for the body to start breaking down the fragments and although the tattoo may appear already healed, it is actually not.

Healing period depends on the general health of the patient. While under treatment, patients are advised to avoid smoking, heavy drinking or even exposure to the sun until the treatment area is completely healed. Always follow the recommended post treatment protocol to achieve better results and reduce the chance of any skin infections.

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that unwanted tattoo with this Edmonton tattoo removal service!

Ensure You Get Your Money Back When Moving Out

This cleaning company knows how to sell! Check out their radio ad below, and tell me you don’t want to hire them!

That unavoidable moment when the time on a leased property comes to an end, can be such a huge headache for “non-home owners”. As if the thought of meeting up with the rent money or looking for a new place is not dreadful enough, you still have to do the mandatory end of lease cleaning.

You may decide to do the cleaning yourself, that’s cool; after all, this is the D.I.Y era. Although, you might want to have a rethink, especially if you don’t want to “DIE”; some real estate agents can be so annoying, demanding a thoroughly professional job, you’d wish you had killed yourself. Or you could get the cheap end of lease cleaning Melbourne company called High Power Cleaning Services to do it all for you.

High Power Cleaning Services offer thorough and professional end of lease cleaning services for leased properties; every trace that you lived there will probably be wiped out. What’s more? It’s cheap!

For an affordable price, we would save you the time and trouble it would take to do a thorough clean up. You don’t have to lift a tired finger, or even part with your hard earned dollars, well, at least not ALL of it.

Known for providing cheap end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne, we specialize in builder’s clean, end of steam clean, carpet steam cleaning, spring cleaning, commercial cleaning, tiling and grouting.

We also offer all our clients 100% bond back vacate cleaning, an extensive cleaning checklist and a free repeat clean visit, if required.

All of these services from only $199!

Immaculate rooms and office spaces, squeaky-clean kitchens and bathrooms, sparkling furniture and household appliances, well-tended gardens and tidy out-door areas, all rolled into one incredibly affordable package.

High Power Cleaning Services; professional and fully insured cleaners, keeping it clean, within your means. Call us today and join the long list of satisfied clients.

Small Safety Tip Many Don’t Think About

As a car owner, travel on the road can be quite dangerous. From drivers who do not follow road safety advice, to simple and avoidable problems such as broken, under maintained, or plain poor quality windshields. As a matter of fact, windshields are one of the most important safety devices in your car, second to the safety belt. Windshields are what protect us from impending danger from the outside of the car, and at the same time, they are also what prevent us from falling out of the cars, or in some instances of very high impact, being thrown out. Therefore, lack of good windshields can lead to fatal accidents just as well. So here are some safety tips to make sure that you get back home safe and sound to your family.

1. Ensure that you are getting the best quality windshields. There are two types of windshields in the market, the OEM, and the aftermarket windshield. The OEM oem vs notwindshields are manufactured according to your car maker’s specifications. These windshields are an added advantage as they are similar in size, shape tint, thickness and durability. In comparison to the Aftermarket, whose windshields do not necessarily have to abide by the car manufacturer’s specifications, therefore finding issues with thickness, tint and durability, that are important properties of a windshield. In the end, one might be forced to change their windshield if they initially sought an aftermarket windshield because one of the properties did not match the car manufacturer’s specifications. however, provides OEM windshields, that are of high quality, and if that is not enough, you also get to compare from different leading local glass shops,and get to compare windshield replacement quotes and choose the one you like.

2. If you see chips or cracks on your windshield due to a small incident, then you might only need to get your windshield repaired, this is normally the case if the crack is less than 12 inches or the chip is smaller than a quarter, but sometimes people can misdiagnose, and your problem only gets bigger. That is why it is best to take it to professionals, who can asses the damage and easily repair or replace broken windshieldyour windshield at a very affordable price, like But if you ever find yourself in a scenario where you urgently need to use the car with light chips or cracks, then put some clear tape on the broken area, to prevent it from spreading and dirt from getting in as well. Also avoid usage of fluid on the damaged windshield as they may seep into your car. Another important thing is to avoid high temperatures before the windshield is fixed.This may cause the crack or chip on the windshield to expand and create a bigger problem for you.

At, you have the ears and eyes of professionals who possess standard and modernized equipment for any repairing task, and at the same time, are pocket friendly; since you get a chance to compare windshield replacement quotes, because your needs are always first.

Remember, on the road, you and your family come first.

Our DJ’s Favorite Storage Place

Looking for a perfect and safe storage place in Canada, well look no further! You have found the ideal company. Place For Your Stuff provides exceptional facilities for all your storage needs. Whether you are looking for a day facility or a consistent place for months, this company has the answer. It is the most reputable St. Albert self storage company, owing to the quality of services and years of experience. The beauty of it is that your goods are safe, waterproof, fire proof and rodent free. They consider the type of materials such as glass, and match the storage needs. In the same vein, containers are well labeled, in order to make storage and moving an easy affair. Furthermore, the professional staff will come to pick up your goods and return them in the same condition after you are done with storage.

storage facility

An Important Message From Our DJ:

How to choose best storage center

Before selecting self-storage facility, it is important to perform a due diligence to ensure that you get value for money. You can visit the website of the company and ask about the service offerings. You can visit Place For Your Stuff’s St. Albert self storage facility to observe the operations on your own. It is also prudent to ask for referrals from friends and relatives. Reading online reviews and clients testimonials can also assist a great deal. After you have the information you can have an objective view of the company and the quality of service.

Reliable and flexible

It’s extremely difficult to keep changing the facility from time to time since its time consuming and costly. All you need to have is a reliable company that has affordable rates. It saves you a great deal of money. Most importantly, you should maximize on your logistics needs in terms of convenience and flexibility.

Secure facility is a plus

Security is another important consideration of concern to many business persons. The facility that you choose need to have 24 hours surveillance cameras so as to keep out burglars. In addition, there is the need to have restricted access by use of electronic and bio metric locks at the gate. Place For Your Stuff provides above average and secure self-storage facilities in St. Albert Canada.

The team

Having a competent staff is the key to running a good self storage facility. The managers, alike with facility operators need to have the right skill sets. You should talk to this St. Albert self storage center’s manager, to ensure that he/she has the understanding of what storage practices entail. You can visit the website as mystery shopper and ask for information before settling on the facility. The best facilities have answers about the facility and will solve your unique needs.

If you are searching for a unique storage facility in Alberta Canada , look no further. Get the best St. Albert self storage at Place For Your Stuff. All you need is to visit the website and request for a quote. The website is secure and user friendly and above all takes your personal data seriously through encryption technology. Besides, you will get top notch customer support and quality services.

A Message From Our DJ

This is a message from Larry, one of our favorite DJ’s here at Love94

“It’s September everyone — that means it’s getting cold, the leaves are turning colors and we’ll be Christmas shopping before you know it. That reminds me, I’ve got a quick story about Christmas shopping.

So I’ve got a friend, and he’s absolutely awful when it comes to planning gifts. He’s the kind of guy that will give you a variety pack of socks from Walmart in the original packaging held together with super glue and shame. Okay, I’m just pulling his leg a bit, but you get the point.

Anyways, his nephew needs a present. He doesn’t know much about his nephew, other than that he’s very young and he loves his dog, Rita. It’s some sort of pug that he’s had for a while. This kid and his dog are like best friends. So he’s freaking out that he doesn’t have a gift for his nephew, he calls me up and tells me about his nephew and the dog — and I knew exactly what to tell him. I said “You’ve got to get a custom stuffed animal!”. He asked what it was and I told him to go to and then I explained it to him. So I want to share it with all my listeners out there as well.

First of all, it’s pretty great. This business will take pictures of your pet, whether it be a horse, dog, cat, you name it, and they’ll make a one-of-a-kind, handmade plush toy that is fully customizable and looks exactly like your pet. I absolutely love their service, I’ve used it before and was amazed at the quality of detail of these plushies. Not to mention, they also have other products like sandstone figurines and granite memorials.

So anyways, my buddy gives it a shot. He gets some pictures of the dog, sends it to them and even asks that the ears are folded partially, and they do it. They are so serious about the detail that if you ask for specifics like you want a tail sticking straight up with the dog’s tongue out and they will do it for you.

Moving on, the kid finally gets his present and he falls in love with it. Since he got that present, he took it with him everywhere he went. No matter where he goes, that kid can have his favorite dog with him all the time. I’m really glad for him and for his nephew that I recommended a custom stuffed animal. It’s a personal favorite of mine because they also care a lot about animal welfare. I’m a big softie, and I really care about animals. It’s good to know that each portion of their sales go towards animal charity cases around the globe.

RitaIf you know someone like my buddy’s nephew that loves custom stuffed animals, this service will be perfect for you.”

Crafting Pool Repair Radio Ads

Creating successful radio ads is the merger between art and science. It’s important to make your ad relevant to the listener. Make the ad creative but carry a simple message. Understand your demographics and show off your product. Here is an example of an ad created for a Phoenix Arizona swimming pool repair company.

Truth be told; even if you are extremely careful with your swimming pool maintenance, the plaster on the surface will eventually start to show its age due to constant use, tear, wear, as well as, changes in climate. It because of this that swimming pool owners are advised to resurface their pools every few years before those minor wear and tear issues become serious and cost a lot of money. Below are top benefits of swimming pool repair in Phoenix.

Prevents damage

This is possibly one of the biggest benefits of swimming pool repair in Phoenix; it avoids damage. A worn out or aging pool can be quite difficult to clean, and this serves to increase the rate of tear and wear on the surface. Sadly, if you do not consider resurfacing your pool soon enough, cracks will start to appear and to repair this will cost you a lot more than just carrying out some resurfacing work.

Increase comfort

A pool at your backyard is supposed to be a luxury, but there is nothing more uncomfortable than scratching your feet against a very rough surface. It could even cause cuts on your skin and possibly lead to some serious infections. However, but just having a resurfacing done on your pool, you will prevent all that from happening.

Enhances the overall appearance of your pool

Have you ever seen an old and rundown looking swimming pool? It looks old, hideous and many would choose to avoid it than dive in. Many times, as the pool plaster gets older; the cement starts to erode exposing that rough surface of the original structure. It does not even stop there; it starts to trap dirt and make the pool look discolored and unhygienic. Thankfully, with swimming pool repair in Phoenix, you can in a myriad of ways enhance the overall look of you swimming pool, and you make it more welcoming. Amazing isn’t it?

For more tips on creating killer radio ads, check out this link.