A Message From Our DJ

This is a message from Larry, one of our favorite DJ’s here at Love94

“It’s September everyone — that means it’s getting cold, the leaves are turning colors and we’ll be Christmas shopping before you know it. That reminds me, I’ve got a quick story about Christmas shopping.

So I’ve got a friend, and he’s absolutely awful when it comes to planning gifts. He’s the kind of guy that will give you a variety pack of socks from Walmart in the original packaging held together with super glue and shame. Okay, I’m just pulling his leg a bit, but you get the point.

Anyways, his nephew needs a present. He doesn’t know much about his nephew, other than that he’s very young and he loves his dog, Rita. It’s some sort of pug that he’s had for a while. This kid and his dog are like best friends. So he’s freaking out that he doesn’t have a gift for his nephew, he calls me up and tells me about his nephew and the dog — and I knew exactly what to tell him. I said “You’ve got to get a custom stuffed animal!”. He asked what it was and I told him to go to http://customstuffedpets.com/ and then I explained it to him. So I want to share it with all my listeners out there as well.

First of all, it’s pretty great. This business will take pictures of your pet, whether it be a horse, dog, cat, you name it, and they’ll make a one-of-a-kind, handmade plush toy that is fully customizable and looks exactly like your pet. I absolutely love their service, I’ve used it before and was amazed at the quality of detail of these plushies. Not to mention, they also have other products like sandstone figurines and granite memorials.

So anyways, my buddy gives it a shot. He gets some pictures of the dog, sends it to them and even asks that the ears are folded partially, and they do it. They are so serious about the detail that if you ask for specifics like you want a tail sticking straight up with the dog’s tongue out and they will do it for you.

Moving on, the kid finally gets his present and he falls in love with it. Since he got that present, he took it with him everywhere he went. No matter where he goes, that kid can have his favorite dog with him all the time. I’m really glad for him and for his nephew that I recommended a custom stuffed animal. It’s a personal favorite of mine because they also care a lot about animal welfare. I’m a big softie, and I really care about animals. It’s good to know that each portion of their sales go towards animal charity cases around the globe.

RitaIf you know someone like my buddy’s nephew that loves custom stuffed animals, this service will be perfect for you.”

Blueprint For Construction Radio Ads

Crafting successful radio ads is a topic we’ve touched upon. We’ve shared with you that an effective radio ad is a perfect marriage between art and science. Radio is a platform where you often have the listeners ear before and after work as the driver commutes. That potential customer may have in the back of their mind a ton of home projects they’ve been putting off. Now image you are a construction company selling construction fasteners & tools. You can create an ad that awakens the listener’s subconscious, and they now can connect your product to their need.

Check out the following ad we put together for a Canadian online construction tool supply company cf-t.com:

You don’t have to pour asphalt, install drywall or pour concrete to have a need for construction tools. You’ve been putting off that home project for months because you don’t have that one tool! Stopping by that big box store may not be your solution, but cf-t.com is the answer.

Imagine having access to a catalog of top manufactured tools like DeWalt and Craftsman at a fraction of the cost of retailer stores. You see, online stores don’t have the overhead that these big-box retailers have. Why should you care? You should care because the savings get passed down to you the consumer.

If you’re looking for that unique size or brand of tool, you could easily spend hours driving all over town. Online ordering allows access to a vast catalog. If cf-t.com doesn’t have the tool in stock, they will source it for you and alert you via email when the device is ready for you to purchase online!

Foot lifters, drywall hammers, taping knives and beyond. Cf-T backs every purchase with customer service policies. Check online to check on orders, track purchases and if necessary find out how to get refunds or make returns. Don’t continue to let that project nag you.

The blueprint is simple! Engage the listener, remind them of their pain point and direct them to a solution.

Last suggestion. We recommend a warm, friendly voice-over that’s appealing and easy on the ear. Check out this example: